Disney’s The Muppet Christmas Carol

The film with a live orchestra

Monday 09 December 2024, 19:00 PM



Monday, 09 December 2024




£37.50, £48.95, £59.95 & £76.95

Disney’s The Muppet Christmas Carol

Oval Hall | Sheffield City Hall

Disney’s The Muppet Christmas Carol in Concert Live to Film will be presented this winter on an 11-date UK wide tourfeaturing a screening of the complete film with the musical score performed live to the film

The Muppets perform Charles Dickens’ classic holiday tale, with Kermit the Frog playing Bob Cratchit, the put-upon clerk of stingy Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine).

Gonzo, as Dickens, narrates the story with the help of Rizzo the Rat.

The film also features Miss Piggy as Emily Cratchit, Fozzie Bear as Fozziwig, and Robin the Frog as Tiny Tim. When the grumpy Scrooge receives Christmas Eve visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, they show him the error of his self-serving ways.

Though the miserable old man seems beyond any hope of redemption and happiness, the kind and humble Bob Cratchit,his family,and the Spirits open Scrooge's eyesand his heartto the true meaning of Christmas.The original score was composed by Miles Goodman (Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsLittleShop ofHorrors) with songs by Oscar®, Emmy® and Grammy®-winning songwriter Paul Williams (“Rainbow Connection,” “Evergreen”).