The Serial Killer Next Door

With ITV'S Emma Kenny

Thursday 25 January 2024, 19:30 PM



Thursday, 25 January 2024





Approx. running times:

Doors: 6:30pm
Act 1: 7:30pm
Interval: 8:45pm
Act 2: 9:05pm
Curfew: 11pm
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The Serial Killer Next Door

Oval Hall | Sheffield City Hall

One of the UK’s most notable Psychological Therapists and Crime commentators Emma Kenny discusses what creates a serial killer.

Emma Kenny will take you on a journey looking at what ingredients of possibility lead to body counts by killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Paul Knowles. What creates a serial killer, and could anything have prevented their potential being activated, or were they simply born to kill?

Emma specialises in victimology, but she is mostly known in the media for presenting crime shows including Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Lady Killers, and The Killer in My Family. Emma has presented over 70 Crime shows analysing some of the most heinous crimes both here in the UK and the States, exploring what makes a killer, and why some people can be born into seemingly normal families, brought up without fear, or abuse, yet still choose a murderous path.