Leigh Francis

Friday 15 March 2024, 19:00 PM



Friday, 15 March 2024




£30.50 - £44.50

Approx. running times:

Doors: 7pm
Show starts: 8pm
Interval: 8:50pm
Second Half: 9:20m
Curfew: 10:30pm

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Leigh Francis

Oval Hall | Sheffield City Hall

Today,BAFTA-Award winning comedian,Leigh Francis, announces his first ever live tour'My First Time'. Leigh's characters and sketches have kept millions of people aroundthe UK laughing for years, and now he's stepping out as himself on an 18 date tour around the country.

Joining Leigh will be his favourite characters, all brought to life in a liveenvironment forthe very first time ever. FromKeith Lemon,BearandAvid Merrionto 'DavidDickinson', 'Ant and Dec' andMyrtle, this tour will be packed full of hilarious sketcheswith buckets of audience interaction

"Hey, really exciting news! Well exciting for me! I hope it’s excitingfor you! Or at leastprovokes some sort of interest! I mean, just look how many exclamation marks there isin this quote!

It’s definitely news with exciting intent!So what is this exciting news? I’m doing my first ever tour! Never done one before. It’sgonna have masks in it! The Bear, Avid Merrion, Amanda Holden’s Gran, not her actualgran but me playing her.

I’ll also be playing KeithLemon;I look just like him! It’s medoing all the characters I do that hopefully have the intent to provoke hilarity!So manyexclamation marks, and the word ‘intent’ and ‘provoke’ twice! I’m excited! Come see MEbeing other people LIVE for the first time! It’ll be your first time and my first time! Hencethe title of the tour MY FIRST TIME! (There’s another exclamationmark) how exciting!" Leigh Francis