Ben Elton Unleashes 'Authentic Stupidity' in Sheffield 2024!

10 September 2024

Following the huge success of Ben Elton’s critically acclaimed sold-out UK tour in 2019, which marked his return to stand up after a 15 year hiatus, the undisputed godfather of modern stand-up is going back on the road with a brand new live show – Authentic Stupidity. Taking in 54 dates across the UK & Ireland, the tour arrives at Sheffield City Hall on 10 September 2024.

The world has changed a lot since Ben last toured five years ago - a whole new existential threat has emerged to challenge our very existence: Artificial Intelligence. Apparently, it’s going to render all human life meaningless, but Ben is here to warn you that AI is not the greatest threat that we face; it’s Authentic Stupidity!

Ben said: “The verdict’s in! Humanity is thick! Homo halfwit. The idiot branch of the Ape family! We need signs to tell us to step off escalators, we elect gibbering fools to lead us and now we’ve invented Artificial Intelligence which is actually going to replace us! I’ve spent 45 years in comedy exploring the outer limits of human idiocy and my mission has never been more timely. Forget AI! It’s AS we need to be worrying about!”

Tickets go on general sale Friday, 15 December 2023 at 12pm.