Steve Backshall


Sunday 22 October 2023, 14:00 PM


This event will still be going ahead as planned. Please ensure you leave enough time for your journey to the venue - SCH 


Sunday, 22 October 2023




Under 16s £22.95 / Adults £31.95

Approx. running times:

Doors: 1pm
Part One: 2pm
Interval: 2:50pm
Part Two: 3:10pm
Curfew: 5pm
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Steve Backshall : OCEAN

Oval Hall | Sheffield City Hall

Steve Backshall’s Ocean is a love letter to the most exciting environment on our planet – and a great way to learn more about what we need to do to save our seas.

Stunts, experiments, props, cutting edge science and big screen footage from his two decades in TV, will all help Steve to bring the icons of the Big Blue to life.

From Great whites to Great whales, seals to sardine shoals, Orca to the oddities of the deep: this is a fantastic opportunity for fans of all ages to dive deep into the wonderful world beneath the waves.

A must-see for all the family!