Great Review for Upcoming Show!

Zog and the Flying Doctors dubbed "great show" by Manchester Evening News' Dianne Bourne - giving the show 4/5 stars!

The show is brought to life by the experienced team at Freckle Productions, who have brought previous Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler works to life on the stage like Stick Man, Tabby McTat and the original Zog story. Based on the Zog sequel, we see our hero, the hilariously mild-mannered dragon back in action.

Zog is now super keen student turned air-ambulance for his friends, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout. But yes, he still lands with a crash-bang-thump... to find out more you'll have to read the full review here, or get you and your family a ticket to see the amazing show here in Sheffield!

Zog and the Flying Doctors is now heading out on a UK tour - arriving at Sheffield City Hall for mutiple shows from 29-31 July 2022.