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Friendsical - Danny Thompson

Friendsical Musical Review

It's one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, and thanks to online streaming and near constant repeats on telly, Friends has never quite left public consciousness. And now a musical version, entitled Friendsical, has arrived in Coventry.

In all honesty the idea of a Friends musical sounded like it could be absolutely awful, but as someone who has always enjoyed the sitcom I thought I'd give it a fair go. So in the fantastic settings of the Assembly Gardens, I went along unsure what to expect.

For those who grew up in the 90s, Friends was supremely cool. I have vivid memories of myself and my siblings sitting around the TV on a Friday night tuned in to Channel 4 for the latest instalment of those early series. We were enthralled by the 'will they, won't they' saga of Ross and Rachel, we laughed hysterically at Chandler's witty one-liners and watched agog as each season ended on outrageous cliff hangers...

Then when the show stopped in 2004, it felt like the end. But Friends never left our screens, flitting from Channel 4, to Sky One, to Comedy Central and most recently Channel 5. It also streamed on Netflix. Because it was on so much, we came to know the characters, their foibles and mannerisms, like they were our own friends or family.

There must be so many people who when channel hopping, just leave it on Friends. It is like the ultimate comforting background noise, perfect when sat scrolling through your phone or doing the ironing.

Somewhere along the line, Friends sowed itself into the fabric of our lives without us really noticing. So what would a musical about characters and plot lines we know so well be like on stage?

Friendsical started with a musical number which was reminiscent of The Rembrandts I'll be There for You, without being an out and out rip off. It set the tone for a show which has to be described as a very self-aware parody of the sitcom it is based on, which aims to strike a balance between the ridiculous and the affectionate.

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Friendsical is an original and unique new parody musical inspired by the gang in 'Friends', the iconic TV show and its coming Sheffield City Hall on Sunday 18 and Saturday 19 September 2022.