Russell Kane Receives Amazing New Review

The List - Jay Richardson

This Essex comic gets close to utterly nailing every comedic angle on the biggest story of our lifetimes

Most impressively perhaps, is the way he tailors the show to a Glaswegian audience. The impersonations, knowledge and willingness to take on local perspectives, especially given the potential for this avowed Essex native to crash and burn with over-reach, are certainly appreciated and embraced by the crowd, as he throws himself into connecting with engaged vigour... Read The Full Review Here. 

Credit: Jay Richardson

Russell Kane's bringing to town his gut-punch funny, searing, award-winning take on the two years we’ve just gone through. Hailed as the The Guardian's Number 1 comedy performance to come out of 2020 (The Guardian are miserable and usually hate everything) - this high-octane show brings nuclear-energy belly laughs and pant-wetting observations which prove laughter really is the best medicine* (*actually, it’s probably hospital medicine). 

Russell Kane has two chart-topping, award-bagging podcasts: Man Baggage and BBC Radio 4’s Evil Genius. He is a regular on Channel 4, BBC, and ITV: all the usual shows you see funny people on. He’s also a writer, actor, and presenter. He drinks lots of coffee and is ‘like that in real life’.

If you'd like to see more from Russell Kane, why not book a ticket and come see him live on stage at Sheffield City Hall on 11 September 2022?