Buddy Holly and The Cricketers

04 March 2023

The English Rock & Roll Orchestra

1958-2023 – The 65th Anniversary Show

March 2023 is the 65th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s only ever tours to the UK and its revisiting Sheffield City Hall on 04 March 2023. 

In March 1958, he and The Crickets headlined a variety bill compered by Des O’Connor. On a 25 back-to-back date tour, they performed two, and sometimes three, shows a night in venues all across the country.

To celebrate this anniversary, the UK’s first and best-loved Buddy Holly act, Buddy Holly and The Cricketers, revisits some of the same venues on the same dates with a very special show backed by The English Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Buddy Holly and The Cricketers has delighted audiences across the globe from Cardiff to California, Barking to Bangkok and Swindon to Sweden for the past 30 years. The show stars some of the finest actor-musicians in the UK and was endorsed as Britain’s most popular Buddy Holly act when the boys guested on BBC One's Saturday night live programme, The One and Only, hosted by Graham Norton.

The English Rock and Roll Orchestra has assembled some of the finest classical musicians in the country, many of whom are multi-instrumentalists. They relish the opportunity to depart from their usual repertoire, let their hair down and indulge in their love of rock ’n’ roll.

Buddy Holly and The Cricketers has always presented Buddy in the style of show we feel he would perform today. Authentic arrangements, driving rhythms, energetic performances and wonderful musicianship, all delivered with charm and humour. Buddy himself acknowledged that he followed in the footsteps of Elvis. Now, for this special anniversary, inspired by the huge worldwide success of the recent Elvis Presley recording backed by the LSO, we present Buddy Holly as you have never heard him before. This truly remarkable evening of classic rock ’n’ roll will have you dancing in the aisles and shouting for more.

Whatever the season, whatever the excuse to party, make your Heartbeat a little faster with the show that has thousands of fans the world over saying:  “I can’t believe it’s not Buddy!”

Don’t miss out on the concert of a decade, here at Sheffield City Hall on 04 March 2023.