Collectable & Souvenir Tickets

The perfect memento of your visit

Collectable & Souvenir tickets - the perfect take home memento of your visit to the City Hall

Collector Tickets - exclusive Sheffield City Hall Collector Tickets are now available on all shows.

Collector tickets are a physical, limited edition ticket giving the holder access to the event through a unique barcode whilst doubling as the perfect memento of your visit to the City Hall that you can treasure for years to come.

You can see below the special plastic credit card sized Collector Ticket & Lanyard with the unique design making a perfect souvenir ticket.

Collector tickets are priced at an extra £5.95 per ticket.

To book your Collectable Ticket - if available simply select the Ticket + Collector option when booking your event tickets.

Click here for the latest collectable tickets FAQs.

Souvenir Tickets - Alternatively you may wish to purchase a Souvenir Ticket available for £2.95 per ticket where you can purchase a physical ticket that will be posted to you one week after the event has taken place. This ticket will have all the information of your show, venue & seating or standing location printed on a ticket to keep as a momento of your visit to the venue and are issued after the show as cannot be used to gain access to the venue.

Souvenir Tickets are currently available on a selected number of shows - if this is available on the show you are attending you will be offered the option to purchase a Souvenir Ticket for £2.95 at the time of booking by simply selecting the Ticket + Souvenir option when booking your event tickets.